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Key Cutting Slough

The most basic locksmith service that is offered by Elite Local Locksmith Slough (ELLS) is key cutting. However, this is not the only service that we offer as locksmiths though it’s the one service that all locksmiths are popular for. Key cutting is the procedure done to produce key duplicates or replacement.

There are different reasons why you will probably need this service. This service is done through various procedures, one is mechanical while the other electronic. The latter is a much faster way for us to produce the key that you want for your house, car or any other lock you possess. The mechanical mode involves manual measurement of the ridges and pins ensuring that they are exactly where they are supposed to be. This method produces better results than the electronic and is preferred in cases where finer details are required.

At Locksmith Slough, our key cutting service is the most common type of work that we do. This is because all the other residential, commercial and auto services involve key cutting at some point. If you want a custom key that is only built for your type of lock, you can come to us and we will customize it to your taste.

Locksmith Slough has all the necessary tools and equipments used in key cutting. This service is essential in the replication of keys. There are various reasons why experts recommend you to duplicate keys. Various clients also have their own personal reasons why they duplicate their keys.
Locksmith Slough can create new keys and other devices for opening various exit or entry points at a very short time. This service is very likely to be useful to you at a point when you least thought of. The service can be resourceful during urgent situations as well as those that are not as pressing. We are a renowned and trusted firm. We don’t keep copies of our clients’ keys and everything is done according to the professional standards set by the industry.

There is a reason why we emphasize your need for this service. It’s recommended that you get copies of spare keys for every door that is lockable in your house. If you lose one set, you will have another set that you can use to create a new set and won’t be stranded inside or outside your own house.

The extra sets that you create can be given to a member of your family or a very close friend. This service can be used as a way of showing your affection to your special person. In most societies, giving keys to someone who is not a relative is considered a sign of affection. Even our basic cutting service is insured. This means that in case of any damage to your property, we will incur the repair costs and bring it back to you in a sound state.

You can find our key cutting service by searching for our contacts in the contacts section of this page. We have a dedicated team of customer care representatives online as well.