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Our Service

The services we offer basically fall in the three categories but are much wider than that. Residential services generally deal with locks and different security solutions for homes and residential areas. We offer this service to those who have just bought a new home and need to install various features that will enhance security in the house or those who just need to install new locks in their home doors etc. We also make key duplicates for those who have lost keys to their house, install safety lockers for storing valuables, grilles, and gates among other equipments.

Our automotive locksmith services deal with car locks. It’s not an uncommon scenario for people to lock their cars while the keys are inside the ignition. Our locksmiths can get people off that situation without compromising the functionality and state of the car’s door locks.

Our commercial services are mostly meant for business people who want to enhance security inside the premises of their firms. This service is meant for large office buildings and complexes.

All Elite Local Locksmith Slough (ELLS) services are offered and installed in one day. More details can be availed on the kind of service one wants by calling our customer support team or by browsing through our services on our website.